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George Cunningham was born in the Northwest of England and is currently based in the little town of Stockport. Cunningham’s primary interests throughout his life have evolved from a childhood of playing in the nearby woods and farmland. It is no surprise that an interest in the natural world is central to his artwork.


Cunningham is a recent illustration graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). He works commercially as a freelance illustrator aiming to create illustration and fine art for everyone to enjoy. In addition to this he sometimes works as an art department member in the TV industry for the BBC and ITV. 


Do not feel the least bit bad if you think his work appears to be so different from one another -he knows and it somewhat annoys him- Cunningham enjoys experimenting and playing with new mediums and techniques daily which explains why some of his works look like they could be made by a completely different artist. He just can not help but play with new art supplies.



  • 2018, Started working in the TV industry with BBC and ITV

  • 2018, Graduated MMU with a 2:1 BA Honors in Illustration.

  • 2017, April, Stepping Hill Hospital, X-Ray department mural.  Click here to learn more.

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